Safe Fire Starter




Introduction: Safe Fire Starter

A lot of people have trouble lighting up a barbecue grill, and some use dangerous products to do it.

Here is a easy, safe and cheap way to do this!

Step 1: For This Instructable You Will Need:

1. Trash paper (use what you have in your country, in mine we have this kind of porous paper that wraps eggs or fruits).

2. Blender (I will show another possibility if you don't have one)

3. Bucket + Old cloth + rope (to make a sieve, if you don't have one, work on squeezing with your hands!).

4. Kitchen oil.

Step 2: Making the Vitamin!

Cut your paper in little pieces (to help our friend blender).

Put some water in blender and add a small amount at a time (to help our friend blender too).

*In case your don't have a blender, don't worry, soak your paper in water (like in the photo) and proceed with our steeps.

Step 3: We Have the Avocado Vitamin!

Let the blender do the work, until you get this kind shredded.

Place your cloth above your bucket and wrap with the rope, leaving a concave spot.

Put your mix in the cloth to start the drying process.

After it stops dripping, you can place in a mold, or mold with your hands. A cube of 4x4x4cm is well enough.

(don't squeeze too much, we want porosity!)

Step 4: We Are Almost There!

With our shreddedpaper really dry, cut in 4x4x4cm pieces.

Check the porosity of this one! It can absorb a lot!

Place your lighter in somewhere you won't make a mess, and add the kitchen oil.

Don't need a lot of kitchen oil, as it will absorb a lot.

Step 5: Light It Up!

One match if enough to light it up.

As you see, it burns slowly, between 5-10 minutes.

You should set up your charcoal cave before lighting it up (photo just to show, your charcoal of firewood should be closer, but always leaving airflow), then just place your fire starter and light it up!

Step 6: OMG, I Need to Put Out the Fire!

One blow is enough to put out the fire of this little fire starter!


Kids: Don't play with fire.

Adults: Don't think you can play with fire.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Fire starts are always handy to have :)