Safe Impact Fuse




Introduction: Safe Impact Fuse

Hello! Today we're going to make a fuse. But not an ordinary one, an impact one. Even better! It won't go off by accident either! What we'll use: 2 small coins (same size) A pair of pliers ans siccors Some tape Paper A matchbox with matches (safety matches) Containers An aluminum can A small ring A small filter A battery(or other round hard object) Sandpaper Safety gear(gloves, eyeprotection, mask etc.) Some time And finally a good place to work!

Step 1: The Explosives

Now in order to make a fuse that goes off by impact, we need some explosive that is sensetive to impact, or friction actually! So what we'll create is the infamous "Armstrong's mix"! A note of caution, this mix is extremely volatile and should only be made with safety gear, and a good bit of caution. I am not responsible if you blow your fingers off, so make this at YOUR OWN RISK! So! Let's get started! First off grab a sheet of paper and the matchbox. Remove the matches from the matchbox. Now grab your sandpaper and start scraping the ref phosphorus off the sides off the match box, try to get as little carton as possible. Now you should have a nice pile of red powder, this is the first component in the mix. Now filter out all big and lumpy peices so that you have some pure powder left. Pour this into one of your containers. Now get some matches and a new peice of paper. Scrape off the matchheads with your pliers. Try to ge as little of the wood as possible. Now crush this with the battery, filter it and pour into the container. This is the second part of the mix(KCL and S) PS. I highly descourage you to use a pestle, since it can actually ignite by it. Now KEEP THEESE POWDERS APART! AS SOON AS YOU MIX THEM THE POWDER BECOMES EXTREMELY VOLATILE AND CAN BLOW UP BY VERY LITTLE FRICTION!

Step 2: The Fuse

Now for the fuse part. What we need is a way to keep the compounds separate (and harmless) until we want them to explode. We do this by adding a pull-ring system. First, cut out a peice of your can. Fold it in half and make a hole on the open end. Now get a keyring and get it through the hole. Now for the detonator. Get one of your pennies. Get some tape that will wrap around in a cylindrical fasion. Now get another peice equally long and place it, sticky side against sticky side, a little higher on the other tape. Now wrap it around the coin. Now cut two holes for the pull-ring system. Pour a 1 part of the phosphorous into ome side of the coin. Pour an equal part on the other side. Place a penny on top. Wrap the top up. Usage Pull out safety pin, shake a little (not too hard!) Now throw at the ground. Have fun!

Step 3: Done!

Finished! This will create a small and "slow" explosion and should set off easily ignitable things. The flame will go out from the holes where the pin was (and create a hole for itself) so if you wan anything to ignite i suggest adding some oxiditing and fule mix near those holes for better burning. Take care and have fun! DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR ANY DAMAGE AND/OR LACERATIONS! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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