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This Safe Kan Kan is great for stashing you goods around the house or even for camping! Everyone Needs a Safe Kan Kan....

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple Can Safe. It requires a few special tools that you can find at your local hardware store or online.

You will need:

2-cans of soup (be sure that the top and bottom of the soup cans look similar in style. This way you can open the bottom of the can easily)

1-empty dish (you will use this to save the contents of the cans for later use.

hot glue gun and a few glue sticks (I used 4 glue stick on my project)

Smooth edge can opener (I will create a seal able lid for the can)

Compound metal shears

Step 1: Getting Started and Finishing Up!

     If you have cans you used a smooth can opener on you could just use those and add water as the false contents.  I decided I wanted to use the actual contents for a couple reasons.  First off I hope they spoil quickly due to the fact I have contaminated them.  Which means if someone was to accidentally open up my can safe, they may assume the contents are just bad and throw away the can.  If I used just water they would suspect something.  So here is how I made this simple Safe!

Step 1
Use your can safe to open the BOTTOM of the can...YES THE BOTTOM  (Take your time and do it nice and slow to reduce marring on the can.

Step 2
Dump out all your contents into a bowl to save.  (you could just dump out about half of the contents)

Step 3
Remove two tops from different cans.  You may only need one top! (or you could remove a top and a bottom) (or you could use two save tops like I did.)

Step 4
Use the metal shears to cut off the outer edge of the two extra tops.  These will be your false bottoms.(NOT THE ONE THAT GOES WITH YOUR SAFE CAN!)

Step 5
Dry fit the top to the inside of the can.  (This is why I completely emptied out my can)  It should fit nice and tight, you don't want it to be so tight it warps the can.  Don't push it in to deep or you will have a hard time removing it.  I used a butter knife to get mine back out.

Step 6
Remove the false bottom you just tried in the can.  Clean and dry your can and lids.

Step 7
Add about half of the contents back into the can.  Use a napkin to clean the edges on the inside after you add the contents.

Step 8
Carefully add one of the false bottoms.  Put the coated side toward the can contents.  This way at a glance it will look like the bottom of the can if someone dumped out the contents.  (Try to keep the false bottom flat as you install it.  So it doesn't flip into the contents.  AS you get to the grooves in the can it should click and lock at each groove.  You will have to guess how much contents you have and set the lid to accommodate that.  I would leave a little air between the contents and the false bottom so when shaken it will slosh around like a regular can of soup.

Step 9
Well if you haven't plugged in your Hot glue gun now is a great time for that.  Add hot glue around the perimeter of the false bottom and the edge of the can.  You are trying to seal in the soup, so it doesn't leak on your safe contents.  I glued the perimeter and then coated the complete false bottom with a layer of hot glue.

Step 10
Sound dampening the Safe can bottom!  I added hot glue to the Safe Can Bottom to sound dampen it.  That way if someone taped it, it wouldn't sound empty.  This worked out great.  

Step 11
After your hot glue dries, add your items to the safe!

Step 12
Now add the Safe Can bottom.  Tap it on the counter a couple times to seal it.

Step 13
Test for leaks.  Shake your safe can.  See how it sounds.  Does it sound like a can of soup?  Tap the bottom.  Does it sound empty or full?  Open it up.  Are there leaks?

Trouble shooting:
1. Leaks- If there are leaks do as I did and add another false bottom.  Make sure you take your time and seal it real good.  Make sure it is clean and dry before adding the second false bottom.

2. Sounds empty- Add more hot glue to the bottom.  The Hot glue dampens the ting sound metal makes when you tap it.

3.  Doesn't slosh- You didn't leave enough air between the contents and false bottom.

4.  Sloshes too much-  You left to much air between the contents and the false bottom.

1.  If you want to be sneaky use a can of something you have a bunch of in your pantry, but be careful because you or someone else may open it thinking it was just a can of soup.
2.  Or you could use a can of something that you know know one will eat.  Maybe some really hot Peppers or something.  Or out dated food.
3.  I you decide to mark it use something like the label on my can.  Nothing that would cause alarm to a stranger.

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