Safe Fake Virus to Scare Ur Friends

Introduction: Safe Fake Virus to Scare Ur Friends

Here is a fake virus to scare your friends.

This program uses the command prompt (or cmd),and only works on Windows.

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Step 1: Open Notepad

Press Windows Key+R and type in "Notepad".(Without quotes)

Click "OK".

Step 2: Type in the Code

Then,type in the code:

Part 1: Gives you a fake message that your computer is infected.

@Echo off
title Alert
color 0C
echo Critical :
echo A potentially harmful threat hes been detected on your computer.
echo Alert level : Severe
echo Item : file:%WINDIR%\System32\%USERNAME%'s virus.exe"
echo Category : Worm
echo Description : This program is dangerous and self-propagates over a network connection.echo Recommended action : Remove this item immediately.

Part 2: Asks you to take an action.

echo Select an action:
echo 1:Remove it.
echo 2:Ignore it.
echo 3:Run the program now.
set /p input=
if c%input%==c1 goto c1
if c%input%==c2 goto c2
if c%input%==c3 goto c3
echo Invalid choice.
echo System will remove the program automatically.
goto c1

Part 3: Takes the action you choose.

echo Removing file . . .
ping /n 8 >nul
REM This stops the program for a few seconds
echo Error 5 : Access is denied.
echo Reason : The virus program is now running.
ping /n 4 >nul
goto Infect
echo The virus program is now running,so you can't ignore it.
ping /n 4 >nul
goto Infect
ping /n 8 >nul
goto Infect

Go to the next step to see the most important part . . .

Step 3: Type More Code...

Part 4: Make the fake virus infect your computer.

shutdown /f /r /t 30 /c "Windows will shutdown in 30 seconds."
ping /n 2 >nul
echo deleting all data . . .
ping /n 2 >nul
echo deleting system files . . .
ping /n 4
echo preparing to crach this PC . . .
ping /n 4
goto hell

Step 4: Save and Run

Click "File" -> "Save",and choose "All files" on the menu.

save as anything.bat

Before you run and test it,make sure you close all important things,or your data might get lost after your computer has restarted.


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    4 years ago

    Hahaha this is hilarious, great code! goto he'll really got me!