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Introduction: Safe Soul (Intel IoT)

Girls in any major cities face a scenario when they are in danger of sexual harassment. Most of the time there is no immediate way to notify someone at the time of the danger.
Enter SafeSole. This product is an insole for any normal shoe that offers the option to ping your location along with a customized message to a number of the user’s choice and to a nearby police station just by tapping the heel of the shoe hard enough or vigorously moving the shoe. It has an inbuilt siren that also gets triggered by tapping which thereby triggers a 190V rms ac voltage to give the person committing the crime it will deliver an electric shock which may give the victim a good chance to escape. . This is enough for anyone in a range to notice in the case of imminent danger. It also features a concealed knife which extends from the toe of the wearer’s shoe which will show up to function when required.It also consists of an audio recorder which will document the audio during the mishap. Apart from recording the audio from the Android app it has an inbuilt microphone which records the audio and also measures the stress levels of the victim.

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Step 1: Gather Stuff

we'll need

1.servo motor

2.cutter blade

3.pressure sensor


5.inverter circuit

6.siren(buzzer) phone shoe sole edisno

Step 2: Assemble

Connect the sensors as given in the code to respective pins

pressure sensor to (sig pin) A0

accelerometer to (sig pin) A1

siren to pin 9

invertor circuit to pin 8

Place the accelerometer inside shoe

and the pressure sensor beneath the sole and the invertor circuit behind the siren

Place servo motor with blade attached on top at the front edge of sole so that when closed it is not visible

but after distress it pops out.

Step 3: Round Up

Now you are ready to go if this shoe is tapped thrice or there is a vigorous movement of foot a signal is sent to android app and gps location is sent to police station

and a siren is rung so loud so environment can get aware and there is a current in shoe so no can touch it

and a knife comes out with help of servo from shoe for self protection.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting ideas!

    Have you tried building them into a real shoe yet, or has this been primarily conceptual up to this point?