Safe Way to Clean Your Gutters




Introduction: Safe Way to Clean Your Gutters

For years I've been having a problem with cleaning my gutters due to lack of easy access. The roof is very high and steep, and there is not enough space on the ground to install a ladder.

Fortunately, I have invented a solution that I want to share here.

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Step 1: Building the Cleaner

Items needed for the job:
- 2 x 10' down pipes

- 2 x 90 degree elbows

- 1 short piece of down pipe

- leaf blower

- duct tape - safety glasses

All items, except the blower that I had, cost me under $25.

I was considering using PVC pipes for the job, but realized that 20+ feet of PVC would be too heavy to be useful.

Instead, I bought two 10 foot long aluminum down pipes. The pipes and elbows are connected together as shown on the pictures above. There was no need to build any adapter for the leaf blower. The pipes can be bent by hand and then inserted on top of the blower's pipe. After wrapping all connections with duct tape, the whole construction becomes quite sturdy and lightweight.

Step 2: Cleaning Tips

Before starting the cleaning, do a test run first to ensure you get strong air pressure and no air leakage along the pipes.

Then practice raising the whole construction away from people and your car. Make sure it's sturdy and safe.
Watch for the wind.

Put you leaf blower on max power and work your cleaner along the gutters. To deal with some wet and well compacted debris, push and move it with the nozzle of the pipe. Even the most stubborn debris cannot resist that.
You might need to go over the same place more then once if there are too many debris.

I was amazed how well the cleaner worked. It blew away roofing nails (new roof), lots of grit, wet leafs, and small branches. So I would strongly suggest wearing safety glasses.

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    2 years ago

    I was going to make one wit PVC pipe but after reading yours I will definitely doing the same as you. You had a great idea, thank you for sharing.