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Intro: Safebook

Hello , first of all sorry for my poor english , secondlt go buy a book like this one , with hard covers.

Step 1: Step One

Pick like 20 pages from the front and 20 from the back , this pages will not cut down.

Step 2: Step Two

Measure how much big you want to cut the pages and stick with the same numbers , to all pages.

Step 3: Step Three

Use something sharp like this tools to cut the pages.

Step 4: Step Four

When you cut all the pages , it will look something like this , now use some paper clue and clue the inside of the pages , and little from the outside.

Step 5: Step Five

Let the clue dry , now the pages are all together and cant be seperated from each other

Step 6: Final

Now you can hide anything you like inside , put it in some bookself or anywhere you want ;)



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