Safety Before Soldering

Introduction: Safety Before Soldering

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Safety should be before any type of DIY but sometimes people forget it. This results in injuries, some of which are fatal.

In this instructable I will be outlining the safety measures you should have when soldering.

Also, please vote for me as this is my first instructable!

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Step 1: Always Use a Soldering Stand

Soldering stands are an essential piece of equipment when soldering. if not used the soldering iron may slip off your workspace, injuring yourself or other people around you. They normally are slightly weighted to counter act the weight of the soldering iron so this doesn't happen so why not just use one?

Step 2: Clean Your Iron Regulary

Does the tip of your soldering iron get so clogged up with grime that won't stick to your PCB? This means that it need cleaning.

There is special sponges on the market for cleaning soldering irons but they're not needed. A cheap ordinary washing up sponge from your local supermarket will do.

Before use you must make sure the sponge is wet. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you don't you will just have sponge fumes in your face and it's not very nice. If the sponge is wet enough, the soldering iron shouldnt start burning into the sponge like mine.

If you have stubborn stains on your soldering iron, there is a special paste that you can buy. Use this as your soldering iron is heating up and then wipe it on your sponge.

Step 3: Never Try to Catch a Falling Soldering

Unbelievably, lots of people do this without a seconds' thought. don't try and catch it. You will burn yourself. I know this from personal experience.

Step 4: Always Make Sure You're in a Well Ventilated Area!

If you have a solder fume extractor then excellent, but if you don't make sure the room you are in has a window open to allow the solder fumes to disperse. The fumes can give you headache or feel sick so it's worth doing!

Step 5: Please Vote for Me!

Making this instructable has made me gain confidence as it took a lot of courage to post about something I'm passionate about which is electronics. If supporters of safety whilst soldering could click the 'Vote' Button, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You.

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    4 years ago

    No it's a normal iron :)


    5 years ago

    Hey bud, thanks for the reminders. I've actually caught s hot iron myself. Not cool! Pun intended:)
    Check out my wire stripping idea. If you like to wire it could help a lot.

    This information sounds great, and I love that safety is a consideration amongst makers. Thanks for sharing you awesome knowledge, hope we get to see more content from you in the future! Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you!