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I work out of a bucket truck on the side of the road all day. Safety cones do very little to deter people from nipping your heels or knocking over your cones. I came up with this little contraption to give drivers a little more of a warning that there is a huge truck on the shoulder of the road.

Step 1: Parts Needed

12 volt strobe, 12 volt battery, Aluminum straps, Nylon strap, Switch, Terminal connectors, Zip ties, Carriage bolt and nut

Step 2: Bend Bracket

The aluminum hanger I used is for securing equipment to power pole strand. I bent it around the battery like you see in the pictures and secured it with a nylon strap.

Step 3: Zip Tie Strobe

I then fed the wires through the aluminum hanger and zip tied the strobe to the hanger.

Step 4: Bend Strobe Hanger

I placed a carriage bolt through the hanger on the battery and bent a second bracket to hang the whole unit. Tighten up the nut and it should look something like mine.

Step 5: Wire It Up

My strobe has 4 wires--a positive (red), negative (black), flash pattern wire (yellow), and sync wire (white). You can tie the red and yellow together after the switch. Momentarily arcing the yellow on the positive will change the flash pattern. You can also achieve this by tying the two (red and yellow) together. Mine might look strange, but it is because I used a three way switch. The white wire is unused in this case since I am not linking multiple lights together.

Step 6: Done

You are now the owner of a safety cone strobe. Hopefully it will keep you from being run over... I am working on wiring a cigarette plug charger so this can be recharged without pulling the battery out. Thanks for looking.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    now that is pretty cleaver. maybe rig it to use the same 6v battery that the barrel flashers use (the one that are used when they do road work)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Should of put it in a contest, I would vote for it. I am an over the road truck driver. This is an awesome idea. Great instructable!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    very neat  little contraption  good job  congrats on coming up with this should help out on the safety of working on the side of the road