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Introduction: Safety Fancy Necklace

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Nowadays many useful products are being launched in the market regarding safety of women or just personal safety. But main concern is that when you want to use products like pepper spray or emergency services then you need some distraction for stalker or someone who's threatening you so that you can draw your pepper spray or call 911.
This gadget will come handy in those situations.
Few years ago, police department was made equipped with some non lethal gadgets to disorient any suspicious person. Those gadgets included high power Led gadgets which can cause temporary blindness and disorient person and then controlled easily.
Those laser like guns were used to have luminance of around 90 lumens.
This necklace uses same concept and can be made with very little efforts.
And not only necklace but rings or headbands and whatever you like can be made using simple steps.

Step 1: Parts You Need

Here's a list of things you need :

¤ High power led
¤ Normal led's
¤ Battery
¤ Soldering kit
¤ Connecting wires
¤ Straw
¤ Glue (pvc)

Most of things you might be having already, you only need to buy high power led's.

Step 2: Basic Electronics !

Before you proceed, here's little electronics involved in making of this project that you should be aware of so that you achieve maximum brightness from high power led and also doesn't burn regular led's.

I have used 1w led in my project but you can go for higher power than mine.

Now circuitry time....

I've used 9v battery here,
My circuit have high power led in between of regular led's.
That makes 3v per led.
Now high power led is rated 1w so it will draw current to make power equals 1w, if 3v is consumed by 1w led then according to formula
power=volt x current,
current drawn will be around 330 ma.
Since same amount of current will flow in regular led's too, it will surely burn them.
Hence you need to add led's in parallel so that current is distributed amongst them and they don't burn out.
See the picture and you'll have idea.

Step 3: Preparation

Here's preparation of fancy part.
I'm not good at craft and stuff so you can make something out of your imagination.
Firstly, make pvc glue. For making it, mix water and glue in 3:1. Then take some tissue papers, dip in pvc glue and roll on straws. Let them dry.
Then place led's on glass or plastic sheet and drop normal glue on them as shown in picture. Let them dry.
This will help led's in necklace to maintain a firm position and add glaced look to them.
Now when straws dry, color them by paint color or sketch pen.
Cut them in small pieces.
You are done with craft work.
Now time to test circuit.

Step 4: Final Test..!

Every project requires great amount of patience and testing.

Now to test your circuit before making moulding it into a final product, test in on breadboard.
You can see I've used two set of two parallel led's in parallel with 1w high power led.
The results were pretty much amazing and high power led really managed to make impact here.
You can also see the difference between luminance of led's in normal light conditions and dark room.

After full assurance of working of circuit, solder led's as per circuit diagram and use cut pieces of straw to make a necklace and extend ends of connecting wire so that you can control led's by hand.

Make your own non-lethal safety necklace gadget and share your photos and experiences.


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    "You can see I've used two set of two parallel led's in parallel with 1w high power led."

    I think you mean two sets of two parallel led's in SERIES with 1w high power LED.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for figuring that out...
    Yes I meant that only.....
    Hope you'll try and share your photos.....