Safety Pin Earrings


Introduction: Safety Pin Earrings

ive always liked the way safety pin earrings looked, but they always seemed to be expensive and poor quality. i figured it would be simple enough to try and make my own, so i did and it was a success. :D

Step 1: Materials

you will need

-two large safety pins
-a lighter
-a pair of wire cutters (you can use nail clippers too, but they dont work nearly as well)
-rubbing alcohol or other disinfectant (not shown)

Step 2: Cutting the Pin

obviously you dont want to stick a sharp object through your ear, so we need to cut the end off. your going to take your wire cutters and only trim the very tip of the safety pin. while trimming, you should have the safety pin and cutters down inside of a trash can in case the tip flies off. make sure not to cut too much off or the safety pin wont hook back into itself.

Step 3: Fire Polish

once you've cut the tip off of both of your safety pins, then you need to make sure the tips arent rough. so what you'll do is carefully take the lighter to the end of your safety pin and burn the tips of them. after they have been in the flame for about 10 seconds, check them to see if there are any sharp parts still left. if there are, continue burning them until they are gone.

Step 4: Disinfect

after you are done fire polishing your safety pins, you should soak them in rubbing alcohol or some type of disinfectant. once you have disinfected them, you can put them in (i tend to put them in through the back and push them out through the front because i like the way it looks better, but you can wear them however you want.) and then you're done! :D



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    I pierced myself .-. I didnt cut the sharp point cx and it was easy. It hasnt get infected tho cuz im taking care of it

    Don't do this if you have a nickel allergy. Just don't.

    you will not get an infection if u only leave them in for a day at a time, use NEW safety pins, and disinfect them properly. if you have sensitive ears, then you should know wat and wat not to put in your ears. so don't do this if u feel your ears will react poorly to it. simple as that. i hav never had an infection from these earrings

    U mite get a infection

    you should be careful. i only wear them for a day at a time. and its fine. obviously piercing your ear yourself is unsafe. with a safety pin is even worse. so as long as you regularly disinfect them and make sure they dony cause allergic reactions, you'll be fine. :)


    5 years ago

    Who says punk rock is dead? I say wear them out but dont let them sit. Rock it


    5 years ago

    Who says punk rock is dead? I say wear them out but dont let them sit. Rock it

    nice idea, but be careful my nephew did the same thing except he pierced his ears with the safety pin. Apparently the safety pin was plated and the metal underneath the chrome plating was some sort of crap metal, my nephew had started a minor infection because that. It was cured by (first getting him real studs before his mom fund out) and an antibiotic spray given to us by the tattoo place.
    Point is just be careful apparently safety pins are generally made out of some pretty poor metal and then chromed and your body will make the chrome flake.