Safety Shut Down Power Wirelessly&automatically

Why did make it?
A 3D printer using filament deposition is a complex machine involving electricity, parts in movement, hot temperature elements, flamable parts and high energy content consumables. It does present significant risks. As for now, without safety standards and incitation to proper design, with low cost components and absence of real certification , consumers 3D printer are dangerous equipment and shall be handled as such.

Step 1: ​What Is It?

This is a smoke detector that can shut down power automatically and wirelessly when senses the smoke.As I know someone don't like the wireless, and there is also a simple way that you can remove the radio modules and wiring the signal directly to the socket relays.

Step 2: Things to Purchase

1 × remote control power socket (433MHz)

1 × smoke detector (Arikon,JKD-501,tiny optical)

1 × radio transmitter (433MHz)

if you don't want do it yourself or can't purchase them,you can buy it from

Step 3: ​soldering the Radio Transmitter Into Detector.

there is a header which contain 3 pins(G/S/V) on the detector'PCB.

G:negative power supply,

S:Signal output ,

V:positive power supply,

there are 2 pins to on the radio transmitter (GND/VDD)

VDD:positive power supply,

GND:negative power supply,

soldering the radio transmitter's 'GND'/'VDD' line to detector's 'S'/'V'. when the somke detector senses the smoke or fire,it will set the 'S' voltage from 3.3v to zero,then the 433MHz radio transmitter will work, and send the signal to close the power socket.



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