Safety Camping/hunting Band

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Step 1: Supplies


Bright colored duct tape[used pink cause I didn't have orange]
Measuring tape

Step 2:

Measure your wrist with the tape measurer and double the length and cut it.

Hint: Add 2 inches

Step 3:

Cut it in half and put them together.

Step 4:

To put it on lay it down and put your arm on it. Then bring one end and put it on your wrist[ make sure it's not sticking to you skin].
Bring the other side and atttach it to the one alreaady on your wrist.

Step 5: Last Step

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    They're for visibility, which is a huge safety concern when hunting,or camping/hiking in areas where hunting occurs - you don't want to get shot by another hunter! It serves a similar purpose as the neon orange hats and vests sold in outdoor goods stores. (Hence the "didn't have orange" note)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I think it could be used as a simple way to keep duct tape on you in an easy simple manner. I like it quite a bit and so does my little sister. :)


    7 years ago on Step 5

    Thanks! We have a large family and this would be a simple and fun way to keep track of our children while out in public. Just look for the brightly colored wristbands!