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Kites are very special....practically every single kid flies it a store bought one or a bag tied with a string ....desperately trying to fly it!
Most people have made a kite at some point in their life...but i have a confession...I have never made one...we used a store bought one when we were kids :-)
So now i go back to being a kid...i wanted to make my first kite!
I did a Google and fell in love with this
So...a normal sane person ...would go for a simple kite right? well.....I desperately wanted to make the ship my first kite! lol...
pretty ambitious huh? especially for someone who has never ever made a kite in her life! wasn't so was pretty easy and fun....and I did it all from scratch! check it out

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Step 1: Materials and Cut List

I used bamboo sticks which i cut and cleaned.
also some kite paper can use rip nylon if you are very confident....remember...this is my first attempt!
string to tie,
bamboo skewers

loads of hopefulness :-)

Step 2: Make the Frame

I did not take specific measurements.....I just eyed it and went with esthetics :-)
I have named the sticks so you may easily refer to them and make the cut list .
Take stick 'B' and attach sticks 'C' perpendicular to it as picture.
Then take your long Stick 'A ' and Curve and secure it 'B' and 'C' as picture.
Make small slits on both ends of 'D' so you will be able to easily slot the wire in the next step.
Secure 'D to B and C as picture.
Now pass a strong but light wire across the slits in D and around 'A' to make the boat shape.

Easy right?

Step 3: Making the Sails

To make the Sails..

 Rectangle sails...use 2 of Stick 'E' per sail
Cut 2 rectangles to slightly longer than the distance of Both 'C' sticks..
Secure the paper as shown in picture to the sticks.

Cut the shape of a flag in the paper and glue to skewers.

Triangle Sails - make the shape of the triangle sail with wire...making sure to form a loop at each end. this is so you may easily tie a string without tearing the paper. place the shape on paper and cut around leaving a border...overlap and glue.

Tail - For the tail...(.this is optional as i love tails...but it's also better for the kite.) simply glue tiny flags to a sting.

Step 4: Assembling

Cover the boat with paper or fabric.
Now lets start assembling.
first attach the rectangle sails.
Then pass a sting through the loops of the triangle sails and secure to the poles as picture.
Attach the flags at the 3 ends as in may of course vary...this is just my ship!
Run a tight string from the top of both 'C' to the boat corners....attach flags.
Attach the tail to the back of the  boat.
Secure flying cord at points as show in picture.
When you are about to sail on your maiden voyage...attach the long cord to this string.

Step 5: Maiden Voyage !

Now a kite can't be much of a kite if you can't fly it!
I got so many skeptical looks and comments that it's not going to fly...that it's too big !'s big... 5ft wide and 4 ft high!
oh...why couldn't I make it smaller!!! 
So with prayers ... My family took it for it's Maiden Voyage today....the beach is just down the lane :-)
We went early before anyone came to the we didn't want to look like fools when this ship of mine didn't take off! lol
well....we tried...and what do you flew! my baby flew! it was beautiful! went up and up...and then the nylon thread broke!
yeah...sad isn't it?...well...we had to get back kids have school at 7.30 in the was already 6!

next time...I shall try something else for the string :-)

so what do you think of my first attempt at kite making and flying? you like it?
Then please please vote for the 'kite contest ' and the 'I can do it' contest! I would love your vote!
Any feedback would be appreciated too! :-)

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

It's pretty long, but I guess I forgotto write down the measuements. You can see hiw big it is in comparison to the car.

first built the base and from there I kind of eyeballed it. I don't have the kite with me as it was too big to carry around when we moved house.

After coming back to this instructable , I am tempted to try a smaller version :-)


Reply 3 months ago

hola amigo, la version pequeña seria muy buena, y en tela para cometas ristop, desarmable, con todas las medidas. por favor


3 years ago

Still in process. but not far from complete. hope it will fly.

1 reply

3 years ago

looks awesome.going to do one and tell you how it went.
thanks for the details

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

You are welcome :-) please post pictures! I think I shall make another one too as mine broke when we moved house.

shazniKite builder

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Yes I got it back :-) Want to rebuild it with fabric though...and perhaps a bit smaller??

Kite builder

5 years ago on Introduction

you don´t say, hor to attach the fabric and make the sails and flags...

And how to attach the flyingline

1 reply
shazniKite builder

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

please check step 3&4. I have given the instructions along with the puctures. This is made with kite mentioned. it was pasted. Fabric would be better.....Rip nylon. If you are interested :-).

Have fun making your kite.. and please post a picture!