Spinnaker Peel Off - DIY Emergency Sail Repair



What if you could repair your ripped sail any time and anywhere? You can now get my step-by-step sail repair manual to do so using our new generation adhesive by clicking in the following link: DrSails - sail repair manual

In addition to our sail repair manual, we are recording step-by-step tutorials to provide you with easy and visual sail repair tips. Check our our first video attached to this post.

Should you have questions about what you read, do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be happy to answer your questions.



Step 1: ​Hold the Damaged Area Tight Over a Flat Surface.

Make sure you put a plastic bag below the sail so it doesn't stick to the flat surface. If you have time, clean with acetone the area you are going to repair to improve the adhesive performance

Step 2: Apply Product Into the Seam Using the Nozzle

Unlock the tube, put the nozzle and squeeze out the adhesive.

Step 3: Use the Scraper for an Even and Thin Application of the Adhesive

Apply pressure and use the adhesive left in the edges to seal the area, preventing future peeling

Step 4: ​Leave It for 24 Minutes to Cure

Remove the nozzle, lock the tube and keep it for next repair (3 years shelf life)



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