Sakura Solid Marker Splitter

(note this instructable lacks a good adhesive which makes the solid paint bind together better, if you have any input please share)

This is the tool used to split solid paint markers into

thirds. It's relatively easy to make and usually requires fine tune adjustments after assembly. It's made from a used marker cap and paper clips.

The trickiest part is using a x-acto knife to cut the top off the cap. Once that's complete its necessary to whittle down the inside of the cap to remove the jagged edge where the cut was made.

Use a marker to section the top into thirds. Like a pie chart, make sure these thirds are as exact as possible.

Next use the x-acto knife to pierce a small hole below where the marks were made. The holes need to be as close to the top as possible, with out cutting through the edge of the cap. One area will have two small holes where a paper clip will enter, bend and return out the other hole.

Straighten two paperclips

Insert one paper clip thru the single holed areas. The clip will enter in one side and come out the other side. Use the pliers to bend an angle in the center.

Step 1: Forming the Paper Clip Sections

Take the second paperclip push it thru the double holed area. Entering thru the bottom hole then around the angled clip. Bend it back against itself and make it exit thru the top hole.

Once all clips are in place and the divisions are optically proportionate to one another. Then trim the paper clips with the cutter allowing just enough metal to fold the clips ends. Two of the clips will bend and hook over the top of the cap. The other clip will bend and terminate around the circumference of the cap.

Once again check all third divisions and make sure the splices will be equal. Make any adjustments to the metal clips and shave off any plastic that could interfere with the extraction of the paint.



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    3 years ago

    I use those markers all the time but I'm having trouble understanding what this divider actually does? Do you attach it to usable marker? Does it cut the felt tip into thirds?

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Lol nvm I get that it's the wax markers you're bad.