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Introduction: Salad on a Stick

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Here's my entry to the "Stuff on a Stick" contest, I hope you all like it, if so please vote!

 The origins of the sandwich allegedly date back to Earl of Sandwich, who wanted a more portable way to eat his salads, and thus, the sandwich was born. (Science has since disproved this, but that's not the point.) What if time had taken a different turn, and the Earl of Sandwich preferred his salad on a stick? Well, read on!

Step 1: Materials

I used extremely basic materials, Romaine Lettuce, Cherries in lieu of Cherry Tomatoes, and a croûton, but you could easily expand on the idea. Add some blocks of cheese, or spinach leaves, or whatever your tastes are, just so it's on a stick.

Step 2: Stick-ey

     I personally find it kind of cumbersome to try to eat a whole leaf of lettuce off of a stick, so I separated a leaf into multiple pieces, and then set those aside. I then skewered two cherries (or tomatoes) onto the stick to make sure the lettuce stayed on the stick. Then I poked the stick through the lettuce, and carefully stuck the stick into a croûton. It depends on your skewer and your croûton, but for me I couldn't stick the skewer all the way through. Annnnd you're done! Photo Opportunity! Thanks for reading, and if you liked it, please vote!

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