Salami Egg Sandwitch

Yummy sammich making time!

Step 1: Ingredients

•1 white or brown egg, whatever size. I used large
•cabbage/lettuce. I used cabbage and it tasted really good!
•cheeeeese! I love cheese!
•salami-I used pork salami.
•cast iron pan or toaster.
•butter knife

Step 2: Bread

Toast your bread or put butter on it and cook on pan. I used a pan, then a cast iron pan, then a toaster. Toaster works best.

Step 3: Salami,lettuce and Cheese

Put the cheese and lettuce aside. Put the salami on the pan if you want.

Step 4: Egg

Cook that egg. I have a toaster that cooks the egg on the side but you can fry it.

Step 5: Done

Just put it all together and cut in half. ENJOY!
This is my second inscrutable!



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    4 years ago

    :) thanks for the nice comments! I love eggs and salami so I made a sandwich. That was first try!