Salsa & Shrimp Cream Cheese Dip



Intro: Salsa & Shrimp Cream Cheese Dip

My family loves this Salsa & Shrimp Cream Cheese Dip

It is a variation of the shrimp and cocktail sauce cream cheese dip, but tastes better.

For you guys out there who want to impress but don't want to cook, this is so easy and will be the hit of the party.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 pkg. (8 oz.) Cream Cheese

1 can (4 oz.) Tiny or Broken Shrimp

1 Bottle of Salsa


Step 2: Super Easy Preparation

Place block of cream cheese on a small serving plate

Open, drain, and rinse the can of shrimp

Pour half the can of shrimp over the cream cheese

Pour salsa over the shrimp and cream cheese

Step 3: Serve With Crackers

Place crackers around the edge of the small serving plate


Step 4: Replenish the Shrimp and Salsa

This is a very popular dip at our parties.

Once the shrimp and salsa are gone, pour the remaining shrimp over the cream cheese and smother with salsa.



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