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Introduction: Salt Dough Gingerbread Cookies Scented

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I found a recipe on Pinterest for salt dough ornaments and was excited
I decided to change up the recipe a little by adding cinnamon and ginger to make the ornaments scented
You could also try peppermint and any scent of Christmas
I used Christmas cookie cutters Y
This is such an easy recipe and looks just like real gingerbread cookies
Little kids might eat these ornaments thinking they are cookies
Dogs might also eat these though I have not had trouble with that with my dogs

Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

1/2 cup water

1 tbs cinnamon

1 tbs ginger


Cookie cutters

Step 2: Steps

Mix all the dry ingredients
Add water and mix until a ball of dough forms
Sprinkle flour on your work surface
Roll out the dough and press cookie cutters in the dough
Take out the cut out shapes and place on baking sheet
Use a straw to make a hole for the string at the top
Place in oven for 20 at 350 degrees
After they are hardened and cool take some string and put one end through the hole
Knot the two ends together

Step 3: Results

That's it
Just string them on your tree or give them as gifts
They smell delicious

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    4 years ago

    Yes that may be a problem, I though have not had a problem with my dogs.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I have made these in the past but to add the more intense color I used very strong tea to get the color more like that of real gingrerbread. I have even made gingerbread houses out of this.


    4 years ago

    Those are darling and I'm sure the spices add lovely fragrances. However, please warn anyone who makes these that they can be fatal to dogs or cats that eat them while the owners are not at home. If eaten while owners are present and can take them to the vet their lives can be saved. But if they eat them while the owners are gone for a while the salt will prove fatal. These need to be high on the tree so little kids and animals can't reach them. This has recently been in the news and it will break an animal lover's heart if it happens to them. I would hope that the high salt content would keep kids from ever eating these never know.