Salt & Pepper Cork / Stopper / Plug Fix Repair



About: Neo-Renaissance Man

I bought these mushroom salt and pepper shakers but they had no bottom, so i thought i could use some scuplty clay to make a cork for the bottoms and it worked out great!



Some slat and pepper shakers that have no corks.
a block of sculpty clay i used the transparent
a oven
a baking dish
and some baking paper

Step 2: Step One: Work the Clay

Ok take a chunk of clay, and ball it up the push a bit of it into the hole and flatten it out on the bottom of the shakers.

Step 3: Step Two: Flatten It Out

Flatten out the clay by tapping it on the table or flat surface.  

Step 4: Step Three: Bake It!

After getting the right shape and make sure to pull the cork in and out a couple of times, To make sure that it will pull not get stuck in the shaker.
   Then put it on a baking tray or anything like a cookie sheet, make sure to bake it on some wax paper so it doesn't burn the bottoms.
it took maybe ten minutes at 200 degrees.

Step 5: Step Four: Let Cool and Use

 Ok once there out of the oven let them cool before putting them into the shakers.
   another tip is to twist them when pulling them out before you bake then it acts like a screw when you put them back in.



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