Salt Wonders:




Introduction: Salt Wonders:

- Salt is a natural mineral made up of white cube shaped crystals composed of two elements sodium and chlorine.

- We all know that it is translucent ,colorless,odourless and as a distinctive characteristic taste.

-Our body need salt in order to maintain proper stomach PH.

-salt not only increases taste in varities of food but it is also has many other uses in cleaning,beauty,health.

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Step 1: Salt Use in Cleaning and Shining Your Dull Stainless Steel Sinks:

Items required:

-liquid soap and sponge

-salt and baking soda


1)clear out your sink with all vessels,food debris and vegetable peelings.

2)Rinse the entire area of sink thoroughly with hot water.

3) Just take a little amount of liquid soap on a sponge.

4) Apply liquid soap all over sink.

5) sprinkle little salt and baking soda all over sink including the edges around faucet

6) With the help of tooth brush rub over entire sink including edges around faucet.

wait for few minutes

7) Drain hot water and observe the change.

Step 2: Restoring Sponges and Removing Stains From Cups:

- soaking your washed sponge in salt cold water gives new life.

-stubborn tea and coffee stains on cups can be removed by rubbing with salt.

Step 3: Various Uses of Salt in Cooking:

-Want to cook a perfect hard boiled egg without any cracks ,quick and easy peeling?

Here are some tips:

-Older eggs are easy to peel when compared to fresh eggs so its better to buy eggs atleast a week ahead of time if your planning for a perfect egg for easter.

-Always cool your eggs and peel.


1) Take water in a sauce pan up to a inch or two and add salt to it.

2) Add eggs to the pan.

Egg white solidifies when it hits the salt water,sealing up the crack so that egg does'nt shoot out the streamer of white and prevent cracking.

3)water starts boiling and egg will cook in 10 minutes.

4)Drain the hot water.

5) Run cold water

6 and 7) Just put a small crack at the top and bottom by beating on hard surface.

8) Their is an air bubble at wide end of egg,once you crushed it you will get a whole peel at once instead of scrapes.

- I showed in images diffrence in egg peeling with salt and without.

- I got whole peel by adding salt in water and scrapes without adding salt

Step 4: Testing Egg Freshness:

-Place the egg in cup of water to which two teaspoons of salt is added.

-If the egg sinks then it is fresh and if it floats then you can have doubt on it.

-Mine sinked at bottom and was fresh.

Step 5: Other Uses in Cooking:

-Adding a pinch of salt will enhance the flavour and remove bitterness of overcooked coffee.

-If soup has been over salted cut up a raw potato and simmer for few minutes .potato wil absorb salt.

-sliced potatoes and apples can be prevented from discoloration by keeping them in salt water.

-we can prevent odour in thermos flasks by adding little warm salt water.

Step 6: Old Tarnished Silver Bowls Can Be Shined Using Salt:

-Add a drop of liquid soap and pinch of salt to soft sponge and rub your silver bowl with it.

-clean with water.

-You will see new look to your bowl with lot of shine.

-Even silver spoons can be shined by rubbing salt with a drop of soap on them.

-Then clean with sponge and observe the change.

If you have many silver items and want to clean all at once.Take a wide an aluminium foil.

-Fill with hot water ,add salt,baking soda and drop of liquid soap and immerse your silver items for 15 minutes

-clean with water

-You can see brown tarnish on the foil.

Step 7: Salt Use in Beauty:

preparing salt scrub:

-choose a jar and fill half of it with table salt .you can use any salt like epsom,koscher,sea salt.

-Next step is to choose an oil coconut,almond,olive or any of your favourite oil.

-Fill the jar with oil until it is almost full

-mix your scrub using spoon

-You can add a drop of any of your essential oils like lavender,peppermint,lime,orange.

-This exfoliant works well on your hands and feet.salt in the scrub had exfoliated layer of dead skin on the surface and oil moisturises new skin exposed leaving it soft.

Salt use in teeth whitening:

By mixing little salt with lime and brushing your teeth; teeth can be shined.

-Relives pain and induces relaxation:

soaking feet in little warm water with salt soothes relaxation and relieves from pain and stress.

Step 8: Salt Water Cleanse

-To luke warm water add little salt to it and drink.

-Drinking 5 to 6 glasses of warm salt water purifies your digestive system removing impurities from organs inside your body.

-This method is used in treating mucus in throat,digestive ailments,common cold.

-salt from natural source is better in cleaning your body than iodized salt. sea salt is fine.

-A bowel movement occurs following this process and detoxifies your body by flushing all impurities.

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3 years ago

Awesome! Voted!


Reply 3 years ago

Thankyou Generallyodd


3 years ago

Love this... Curious about the salt detoxing though i couldnt find any more info, could you provide??


Reply 3 years ago

Hello spacepymp. This salt flush process is very natural process for eliminating toxins from our digestive tract with no harmful side effects.Put about 2 teaspoons of salt in 1 quart (32oz) jar and add luke warm water and mix.Drink the entire water early morning on an empty stomach.After drinking lay on your right side for 30mins.this helps salt water reach your lower right hand side of stomach where their is opening for small intestine. Once in intestine salt water stimulates contractions to propel solution through your digestive system. After this you feel urge to eliminate,multiple eliminations occur. You feel fresh with better digestion and increased energy after this salt flush treatment.


3 years ago

In case of a small burn (that pan was HOT) moisten burn and cover with fine salt--immediately. Instead of a blister, the skin stays flat and dry, healing without excess trauma.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for your another tip granny jones.