Salted Almonds

Introduction: Salted Almonds

In addtion to the porter roasted almonds

I like to make these salted almonds.
The reciepe is a bit more simple than the Porter Roasted

This recipe is ordinary salt but extra ingredients can be added for more flavor.

I have tried with a bit of chill together with the salt.
It worked ok, but need a bit more finetuning.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Step 1: Ingredients

List of ingredients

500g Almonds
2 dl Water
2 TableSpoon Salt

Us units
17.6 Oz
6,76 Fluid Oz
2 TableSpoon Salt

Make sure that you use a good salt to ensure best result

Step 2: Dry the Almonds and Mix Ingredients

The initial step is to dry the almonds by putting them in the oven at 200°C(150F) convention heat.
The heating of the almonds is dry them more and ensure an more crunchy bite.

Meanwhile put the water and the salt into a pan and heat up.
Just add the water and the salt at the same time and heat.

Step 3: Salt Dissolved Add Almonds

When the salt is dissolved the heated almonds is added.

Remember to stir often to ensure that all the almonds is covered.

When all the water is evaporated the almonds are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Remove Pan and Heat Almonds

When all the water is evaporated the almonds is put onto a plate that can be put in the oven.

The almonds are leveled and put into the oven at 200°C(392F).

The almonds are stirred sometimes.

Remember to taste, but remember that the almonds are very hot.

When the desired need of crunchy is obtained the next step is ready

Remember that you can leave them in the oven to long and they can get burned.

The time differs but I use 15-20 minutes.
This is something you need to test with your oven.

Step 5: Done

When the almonds are dried they can be put into a bowl and is ready to eat.

The almonds will tend to have a crackling sound when the arrive from the oven.

These are perfect as beer nuts

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