Salvage Organizer




Introduction: Salvage Organizer

This is a really easy and kinda cool looking storage box for anyone thats salvages parts from broken machines.I have already made 2. It will take only an hour.

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Step 1: Finding the Box

The first thing you should do is find a nice medium kin of small box. I used the one in the picture.Here are some other materials you'll need.

*X-acto knife or scissors
*A extra box[for exta cardboard]
paint or markers to decorate[optional]

Step 2: Middle Board

The first shelf like thing your going to make is the middle board which will divide the box in half and add support to the other shelves that attach to it. Measure out the correct length and height of the box. The easiest thing is to get part of the flap from the box and cut it from there.

Step 3: Adding Shelves

If you only need to shelves then keep it as it is if youdont measure out and cut shelve the length of the smaller side. Once you have enough of those to provide enough shelves mesure out half the length and mark it. The as long as the small shelve is as tall as the long shelve then from the first mark mesure out half the way up the small shelve. This is were you will cut it. Just cut out this line and make sure it was at least 1 cm wide.

Know that the short shelve is cut then you need to cut the long one. If you want 6 shelves you'll cut 2 lines evenly space. Example: 3 1/2 inches, then cut, 3 1/2 inches, then cut, 3 1/2 inches
and there you go mesure these to the correct spot then mesure up half the length and cut.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now that you have the number of shelves you want made and cut push them into the longer shelve. Do this by matching up the cutted line and push till the end of both line meet and it cant be pushed any farther in. Then with the end of the shelves you could tape or glue them in place so they wont move. Hot glue is the best i think.

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    i have noticed in all the "organizer stores" that there are walls of these. All they are are what you made plus some nice matching covering. some of the shoe boxes i have received were way to well made to trash
    wall paper would work well to dress them up and the patterns are endless. contact paper works too, but i think wall paper is a lot cheaper, i am sure you could get some free rolls of one left at stores. there are also a lot of nice fabric wall papers out there too.
    the local coffee shop sells the burlap bags the coffee comes in from south america, they have become so popular


    10 years ago on Introduction

     Been searching for an idea for yarn storage for several hours now. This will work nicely. I can customize the size to cover one whole wall of my closet, and it will be nice and neat, and heck of alot cheaper than bins and shelves. Thanks =)