Salvage and Make It Cozy!

Introduction: Salvage and Make It Cozy!

What caused us to make this lovely addition in our home was the fact my wife had an old tv stand that contained an electric fireplace. The tv stand was falling apart due to the fact it was particle board so I decided to gut the tv stand and salvage the fireplace insert that was working PERFECT!

Its great for cozy winter nights or cold mornings fresh out of the shower to ensure you don't freeze! Turn a salvaged tv stand fireplace into a fireplace wall in your home!

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Step 1: Plan It!

I drew this sketch to keep me on track!

I basically needed 2x4s, drywall and a chunky mantel.

The section we were building in was right at 5'

the fireplace insert is 24"x24" so that left us with approximately a foot and a half on each side of the fireplace insert.

I marked and measured all of the sections prior to cutting anything.


5 - 2x4x8 studs

1 - sheet of drywall 8'x6'

1 - 6x6x8 (we had to cut off 2')

drywall screws

1 - 1x3x8 for fireplace frame

black paint


Stone Vaneer 4 boxes

Stone vaneer adhesive

8" bolts

Step 2: Space Converted

This is the original opening and us beginning the framing and the drywall. The frame not only had to hold the fireplace but also the mantel and the TV.

Cut your 2x4s to the correct height and/or length and attach to the existing wall studs. Insure you make a 24"x24" opening that you can slide the fireplace insert in easily but not too loose. I already had electrical in this area but you might have to have someone install electrical outlets where you are creating this project.

Once the 2x4s are added to the wall and the insert fits! Next is the drywall. Insure you plug in the items you need to if you have a set up like mine. I used an electrical surge protector to have come out of the bottom right corner so we could access the electric without the ****door I am soon adding******

I am not good at cutting drywall but we finally got it cut with a razor blade. Since we are in a basement doing this as well we are ensuring that the type of drywall we bought was a little tougher and resistant to mold.

*****SIDE NOTE******: Once this is all completed I am planning on making a door on the left side of the wall behind our bedroom door to allow easy access to the space behind our fireplace wall.

Step 3: Its Getting There

Next was the Mantel being added. This was an old looking 6x6; stained and bolted to the wall where we added 2x4s that attached to the original slanted ceiling.

Insert and attach the fire place insert into the hole.

Mount the mantel with 8" bolts.

**** Easier to stain the mantel prior to mounting just FYI!*****

Mount the TV mount and the mantel prior to adding the stone vaneer so you save money on the cost of stone behind the TV and the mantel

Then begin the stone work. These are stone vaneer that we purchased the brand we used was AIRSTONE. It was simple to install with an adhesive puddy that was sold along with the stone vaneer. We bought it at Lowes but I have seen it other places.

I made a small opening at the bottom right of the wall to allow us to run electric from behind the tv and hdmi cables to media players and I made sure I used the stone vaneer around this to make it look more natural

Step 4: I Built a Frame

Once the stone vaneer was completely installed I built the frame out of 1x3 board with angles that fit around a 24"x24" fireplace. Painted them black and attached around the fireplace insert with liquid nail.

Looks like our furkids are enjoying the fire for sure!

Happy Building!

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