Salvage Carboard Pipe Shelf




Introduction: Salvage Carboard Pipe Shelf

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to create some "nordic" design shelf with salvage cardboard pipes.

( same carboard pipes that i've used to create my bat-signal : )

hope you will love the idea ;)

Step 1: Decorate the Interior and Exterior of Cardboard

We can't use the cardboard pipe with his natural aspect. the cardboard is too dirty. so we have to decorate the interior and the exterior.

We have different choice :

1 : use EVA foam to get a smooth finish and paint it.

2 : use wallpaper glued on the cardboard. ( my choice )

3 : use veneer ( that was my first choice but it's a litle bit too expensive).

4 : if you got the material, you can use cork ( my choice )

5 : use news paper and glue it with wallpaper glue.

6 : auto-adhesive paper.

7 : Leather

8 : any other ideas xD

I've forgot to take pics on the cork step ><

anyway, i take measurement of cardboard pipe diameter and perimeter ) and i trace the cotation on the cork roller. i cut the part with a simple cutter.

I repeat the same action on the wallpaper that i will use for the exterior of the cardboard pipe.

To fix the cork on the cardboard i apply wood glue and then i clip it on the cardboard. finally it's better to use contact spray glue ;)

To fix the wall paper, i use CONTACT GLUE in SPRAY. This is so useful and so perfect to glue big surfaces !!

see you on step 2 to cut some wood circles

Step 2: Make the Front of the Shelf

Once the cork and the wallpaper are glued, the tranche become dirty too. So we will cut some circle to hide this.

I use the TRIO DREMEL tool to cut perfect circles.

I measure the diameter of the cardboard pipe and trace it on the wood with a compass.

When circles are cut i sand them.

And then i glue them with wood glue. I apply a high pressure on the parts during 24h

Step 3: Here You Got the Choice :

This step is optional, it's a question of taste
you can use the shelf like this or you can create a little board to get a plane surface in the shelf to put some objects or small books.

so how to create a little board ?

First : cut 2 new circles in 18mm thickness wood. the size of the circles correspond to the interior size of the cardboard pipe when the cork is glued.

you can also cut a third circle for the next step ;)

choose a height for the board and re-cut the circles to get 2 half circles. using a circular saw.

Cut the board and cut the edges at 45° if you don't do it , the board will not pass into the shelf ;)

Glue the different parts together using clamps.

Step 4: Wall Fixation System.

i don't know the right term to describe this step.

I use a wood cutter for planing on the contour of the circle.

I re-cut the circle to obtain the piece on pic 3.

drill 2 holes : first use a diameter 8 drill and then a diameter 3 drill. we will put a piece of wood in the 8 mm hole to hide the screw head.

Screw this piece on the wall and put the cardboard pipe on it.

The shelf can not tip thanks to the shift on the wood.

I'm really sorry i got big lacuna, i don't know the exact vocabulary :( i think it's understandable with pictures

Step 5: Let's Fix It on a Wall !!

screw the wall fixation on a wall and hide the screws with a little part of wood ( you can hang your necklace for exemple )

and ... just lay down your shelf

We are done ;)

you can combine the different shelf to create wall design, exprime yourself and be creative !!!!

Step 6: Tips and Tricks

you can reduce the depth of the carboard pipe. You can recut the pipe by using the same circular saw we have used before ;) it work perfectly

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are really interesting and would make fun displays for toy collectors. Nice work!

    i voted for you! i look forward to seeing many more of your ideas.

    R.JStorey (Rodders)
    R.JStorey (Rodders)

    5 years ago

    these look cool alone, but if you could source different sizes, thicknesses etc, and cut them to different depths, you could make a wall feature out of them. great project man


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i've made a second shelf and i'm working on a third. I've find a way to cut the cardboard pipe and get different depths. When i'm done i will try to take pics and share it with you. The problem is that for the moment i've find only 1 size of cardboard pipe so i can only "play" with depths, the diameter will always be the same :(

    Short_circuit_princess give me good ideas to make news design, i'm working on it too ;)


    Reply 5 years ago

    The mate ;)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I've got a pile of large cardboard tubes I've been holding onto for just the right idea to come along!

    I'm inspired by this. Perhaps mine will become shelves! Thank you for sharing this great idea.


    Reply 5 years ago

    You are welcome ;)

    i work construction and did a similar shelf years ago. i found cardboard rings from rubber baseboard on a jobsite. i didnt do as great a job as you have.....but one idea i went with was hot gluing matchbox cars around the outside....front end to back end like they were driving in a big circle. my son loved it! awesome job!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Damned cars are a great idea !!! The possibilities are unlimited ! And you give me a new idea dinos toys !! With mountains on the background or something like that. The fact is the shelf can find his place in every room and every type of home decoration. For exemple you can cover the interior and exterior of the cardboard pipe with eva foam 3 mm thickness is enough, cover it with 2 layer of DIP ( it's a waterproof paint ) then paint it and use your new shelf is the bathroom ;). The child bedroom is the room that offer the best possibilities, toys, light, super heros wallpaper etc .

    Thank you so much for your positive comments, if I got time I will do a new shelf for kid ;) and share it with you ;)