Salvaging Parts From a Jump Start Battery.

Introduction: Salvaging Parts From a Jump Start Battery.

My very handy jump starter LiFePO4 battery reached its end of life. The pouch cells that make up the battery became overheated during a jump start on a failed battery. Shortly after the cells swelled and popped the casing of the battery. Sigh. So much for my handy jump starter! Never fear, I already have a superior replacement lined up and I will publish the instructable when I create the new jump starter!

Anyhoo, the cells may be dead in this jump starter but there are components that are good and useful in future projects!

Read on for how I salvaged some good parts that otherwise would end up in the garbage.

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Step 1: Opening the Case.

The plastic case has plastic clips that were forced apart by the swollen pouch cells. There are 2 small Phillips head screws near the LED light and jump start high current connector. Once these were removed you can now see the internals of a LiFePO4 jump starter.

Step 2: Removing the Dead Battery.

Using my Handy pliers I cut off the high current connector and the 4 wires from the charger board.

Step 3: The Salvaged Components.

The charger board and dc dc converters are perfectly good as well as the case. I will use replacement cells to make a new portable battery pack in the future. In addition to these, the battery clamps and male high current connector will be used in future projects.

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