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One of the first recipes my husband wanted me to learn from his mom is this vadeI have never eaten it before...perhaps it's a secret recipe in their village :-)
What I do know is that ...all his relatives have being asking me the proper quantities to make this...and I never could give them a proper answer as I always just did it...with no measurements...just by seeing and feeling the texture :-) ...just how I learned it.
So I guess many of my relatives will have instructables to thank ..when I let them know the tutorial is finally uploaded :-)

Keeping in mind that most of the members on instructables are in the west...I shall give alternatives...and I shall also give western measurements.
I know... you must be wondering...western measurements? what measurements do they use??
 haha...I'll explain in the next step

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Step 1: Ingredients

South Asians most of the time measure in 'Sundu' that is sort of like cup measurements...but the cup is fact it's usually a small tin :-) (commonly the condense milk tin) yes...when one family says we keep about 2 sundus of rice for the whole family...your it the big sundu or small sundu :-)
So yes...I took our sundu..but I later measured it in the scale... so no fear my readers :-) keep in mind though..if you want to make it a round figure...go won't make much of a difference.

1 tsp    salt
480g   - flour
178g   - Cooked Rice  - here I used red rice as that's what we eat cause it's more healthy ( low in cholesterol)
                                      you may use any rice you want.

3 cups water inclusive of coconut water ( water which you get when you break a coconut)

western alternative would be
3 Cups of water with instant yeast
3 cups of water with a piece of bread soaked in it ( bread contains yeast)

Coconut Sambol

2         lime 
1         coconut scraped
2         green chilly chopped to tiny pieces
1         big onion finely chopped
2 tsp    chilly powder
1/2 tsp salt

Step 2: Vade Dough

It takes time to ferment as it's all natural ingredients... Fermentations takes approximately 8hrs...then depends on the climate.
perhaps you could mix the flour in the night..then by morning it should be right..if you don't want to do it immediately but later in the evening you can now put it in the fridge...if you want to keep for longer keep it in the freezer...when you want to use it..just keep it out to should be okay for months.

Blend the rice with 1 cup of your coconut water mix.
Then gradually add the flour and balance water and mix
do not worry if the dough is sticky ...that is how it should be.
cover it and let it to ferment.
you would know it it right when you touch the flour and pull it will be like silky elastic.

Step 3: Coconut Sambol

Sambol is pretty easy...just mix all and squeeze in the lime...minus the seeds of course!
add salt to taste

Step 4: Alternative Filling

Traditionally this vade is made with coconut sambol...but I thought to try an alternative.
So I kind of shredded the balance beef we had for dinner and added a bit of katta sambol ( it's my favorite...can't live without it...turns bland food to nice and spicy!)

Step 5: Bringing It Together

Bringing it together...
Heat oil in a bowl..
While oil boils...get all your stuff together...
The dough , filling and a bowl of water.
Soak your hands in water...this helps to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands and also it's easier to move the flour around
flatten the dough.....thinner the walls of the vade the better...
Place your filling in the pull up the sides and cover the filling forming a ball.
Drop it into the heated oil and deep fry till golden.

You are done...
Have a bite and let me know how it is :-)

I made 30 of these vade with this would vary depending on the size of your balls.

Step 6: My Experiment?

well my experiment with the beef was was delicious :-)
perhaps next time I would try mixing the beef with the coconut would probably be excellent as I had one bite each and found the combined filling was very goooood :-)

Try it and let me know ... 3 months pro membership for the first 5 who post pictures in the comments :-)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction should be boiled as this recipe calls for cooked rice ..pls let me know how it turns out. Good luck!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow Shazni this looks so delicious! You're so cute giving the details for westerners too! :) Awesome!

    3 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! alternatives is always better....especially if you are from anther Continent!
    I've closed many western cook books as I had no idea where I can find the ingredients or had no clue what they are so I can substitute :-)


    Shazni if I can help you with the western cookbook ingredients please let me know!
    My son loves Indian cuisine and I would love to learn to cook some of your wonderful food! He took me to an Indian restaurant in New York a couple of months ago and it was very very tasty! thank you.


    Your welcome :-)Thanks! Will definitely do so!
    Being on the go with only 1 hr of sleep ....and off to dinner now with my family...hopefully I don't fall asleep on the table! :-)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Tastes wonderful too... Made double the batch and hid half as my 3 yr old keeps asking for it! :-)