Samson Airline Micro Camera Double Mono Out From Dock

Introduction: Samson Airline Micro Camera Double Mono Out From Dock

Samson airline micro camera is a great product; well designed, with a great sound quality, and a great battery life. I'm really satisfied with it, but there is one point I miss : since the link is one-channel, why is there a stereo jack on the receiver ? And on the dock ?

This is not really practical to me as I plus headphones to the receiver, and I want to hear the mono sound on the two ears.

I don't want to open the receiver for now and put my soldering iron onto it; but the dock is large and easy to open.

The goal of this instructable is to have a two-channels audio output from the dock, to hear in "stereo" with a headset.

Before: mono (channel left only)
double mono (channel left redirected to channel left and channel right)

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Step 1: Step 1: Opening the Dock

Opening the dock is easy:

  • remove the back rubber
  • unscrew the 4 screws on the back
  • carefully separate the two plastics components

Step 2: Step 2: Unsolder - Solder

Opening the dock, we see how it's wired: direct.

  • Left input -> left output
  • right input -> right output

What we want is:

  • left input -> left output and right output
  • right input -> None

In my case, the wiring colors are:

  • left: brown
  • right: purple
  • ground: red

There is two things to do here :

  • remove the right channel cable
  • join left and right outputs (I done it with a little bit of solder)

Step 3: Step 4: Close and Enjoy

This is all !

You can close the box, put screws again and enjoy "stereo" sound.

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