Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. 7inch Digitizer Replacement

In this video I show you how to replace a cracked or broken digitizer on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It is very easy to do it just takes a few simple tools and patience and you can have your tab up and running in no time. I got this tab off ebay as well as the replacement digitizer so I now have a fully working tab for less than £50.

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    4 years ago

    This was a great help to me! Had my son's cracked tablet screen replaced in no time. The tip about using heat on the glue was especially valuable. Thanks, Andrew.

    This is not digitizer but glass screen replacement. Why did you mislabeled it and waisted my time. I'll never watch another vid you post. Good by.

    1 reply

    The glass part of the screen assembly is called the Digitizer. The Digitizers job is to turn taps which is then ran through the "Touch Sensor" which converts the input received from the digitizer into "Ones and Zeros" that the device can then recognize and update the LCD accordingly. This misdirectional complaint is uneducated and just for attention and, I'm assuming, you were probably hoping for an apology from the OP, which wasn't going to happen, because he was right and your uneducated "Hissy Fit" was wrong. Please research before posting a completely wrong and attention demanding statement. Thank You!