Samsung Gear VR - Head-mounted Cable Management

Introduction: Samsung Gear VR - Head-mounted Cable Management

I recently received my Samsung Gear VR for my Galaxy S6 and I was growing tired of cables hitting my face and me tripping over them from my headphones. I wanted to find a creative way to manage the long cable (10') somewhere that was mounted on the Gear VR itself. I decided I wanted it mounted to the back of the head to balance the weight of the device in front. Using this approach, I was able to reduce front-weight imbalance and allowed for less neck strain and a more comfortable gaming experience.

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Step 1: Things You Need

Items you will need for this are:

  • VR Headset (any will do).
  • Headphones.
  • Cable Turtle (I used a large since my cable is long).
  • A small cylindrical object, such as a used spool of tape or wire (optional).
  • Hair ties (I borrowed mine from my girlfriend).

Step 2: Inserting Cylindrical Object (Optional)

The purpose of installing this is to remove some of the slack that the cable has around the middle of the Cable Turtle. You can simply wind the cable around the cable turtle, but I didn't want my headphone cables to become twisted from the stress of being wound too tightly. You can use any object for this that will fit, I just happened to have a used spool of tape at work for this.

  1. Open Cable Turtle.
  2. Separate Cable Turtle halves.
  3. Insert cylindrical object.
  4. Reattach Cable Turtle halves.

Step 3: Adding Hair Ties

This step is simple, simply add two hair ties to the Cable turtle. If you used a cylindrical object, make sure to place these below it.

Step 4: Attaching Cable Management to Headset

Time to attach the Cable Turtle to the headset itself. We will be weaving the headset straps through the hair ties to attach it.

  1. Remove strap.
  2. Place Cable Turtle on the back of the strap, where the headset would rest on the back of your head.
  3. Weave the right strap through the right hair tie.
  4. Weave the left strap through the left hair tie.
  5. Pull out both straps to remove slack.

Step 5: Wind Cable

Now we're ready to wind the cable.

  1. Wind the cable around the Cable Turtle/cylindrical object.
  2. Pop up the bottom of the Cable Turtle.
  3. Pop down the top of the Cable Turtle.
  4. Admire the neatness, and reattach the strap to your headset.

Step 6: All Done!

With this simple cable management solution, you are now ready for the future of VR, free of tangle wires!

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