Samurai Homemade Armor

Hi I'm Ruog

I want to introduce you all my new armor. I've been making it for the last 6 years with my free time.

Is not still finish but it will be soon. I started it because I always like the samurai stuff but i cant afford to by myself an original or even a replica armor. Later, my brain started to think about the idea of making one with cheap but good materials and build it for less than 250 $ and I began to do it.

All the videos are in Spanish ( my mother tongue) but also has english subtitles.Anyway, if you dont understand something or you need help with some issues I'll be glad to answer your questions.

You can find here a small teaser of the final result.

Step 1: How to Start

I've made a lot of blueprints and research on the internet just to be able to begin. In here i condense every idea I've used

How to start

in you can find and download the patterns.

Step 2: Do

This part was very complicated, and very tricky because of the big amount of shoelaces I had to use, but the results worth it.


Step 3: Haidate

This is still unfinished. I will refresh it when its done.


Step 4: Suneate

Its also unfinished. I have to sew the bias tape,sew the fabric to tie it around my leg.


Step 5: Kote

I have to add some shoelace to attach it to my shoulder and to sew the inner layer to hide the sewing line but for the moment it's ok.

Step 6: Menpo

Apologies for the delay in uploading this part. I was very busy.

Step 7: Kabuto

Here I finally show you the most important part of a Samurai Armor. It differenciates Daimyos or leaders from the rest of the samurais.

Step 8: Stand

Still in development

Step 9: Hitatare

Still in development



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    13 Discussions


    Reply 1 year ago

    Could you mabey give the template's?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I like that samurai armor but i confused


    1 year ago

    Is it posible to get a copy of your pattern?


    2 years ago

    I am planning to make a step by step tutorial if you can please support.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Greetings Sir,

    I love this piece and have been trying to download the actual patterns . The link above does not seem to work. Is there another place to get this pattern?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Wow, that was cool! I hope i can finish my my date masamune's surai armor!!

    1 reply
    Involved Observer

    3 years ago

    I like what I see so far - can't wait for you to post the rest!