Samurai Helmet From Eggshells


Have you ever wanted an interesting project from old eggshells?

Step 1: Materials

Material list
At least two eggshells (Not blown)
Markers (brown, black, gold)
Hot glue gun
Nail file

Step 2: Get Your Eggshells

Make yourself a cake or something equally yummy to use your eggs. Then peel out all the stuff from the inside of the shells.  Wash them, and then let them dry. 

Step 3: Getting Your Pieces Ready

You will need 5 pieces of shell for this project. One for the top of the helmet, one for the bottom, and four for decotation.  Two of the decorative one should be long and pointy and the other two should be squareish.  Be prepared for the shell breaking in unpredictable ways. 

Step 4: Color

Begin coloring your pieces.  I used regular ink markers for the helmet pieces and a gold paint marker for the small pieces.  Be careful not to break them with your marker.

Step 5: Glue

Hot glue your pieces together.  Start by putting the top on the bottom and then add the small gold pieces.



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