Samurai on a Dime! a Construction Paper Samurai Costume~




About: I'm just another guy that likes to make stuff and share what I do, that's all. I make instructables every now and again just for fun.

This is a costume I made for my school's Hoops for Heart day, where whoever wore the most red got a prize. I was given a short amount of time and limited resources, so I did what I could and ended up with a pretty nice (and extremely cheap) samurai costume. It's made using nothing but construction paper, red sharpies, and cardboard.

But why did I go out of my way to make a costume like this?

About seven years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with heart disease. She's been fighting it ever since then, and has made a huge improvement over how it used to be. To those who see my costumes on red day, they think I'm doing this for fun. To me, it is a promise. A promise that my grandmother will eventually be free of heart disease.

Live long, fight strong.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool project. I'm glad you got out there and supported your grandmother with this neat costume. My attention for detail made me want to tell you samurai are Japanese so the Chinese word for love might want to be changed to Japanese for anyone wanting to replicate it. Other than that spot on!