Sand Box W/ Lid That Opens Into Bench and a Canopy




Introduction: Sand Box W/ Lid That Opens Into Bench and a Canopy

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Thank You for checking out my project. I will try to make these instructions as simple as possible if anyone wants to build this. Please ask if you have any questions.

This is a 4` x 4` x 6` sand box with a lid that opens up into benches and has a canopy for shade. Took about 20 hours to build.

Tools I used

1. Sander
2. Drill
3. Chop saw
4. Router
5. Hammer
6. Table Saw

Hardware needed

1. Piano Hinge 32"
2. Screws 2 1/2"

Supplies needed

1. 2x4 (26`) I used pallet wood for all wood needs. This made my cost almost 0.
2. 1x4 (110`)
3. 2x10 (16`)
4. 1x6 (8`)
5. weed block liner
6. sand
7. Canopy cover

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Step 1: Pallet Prep

I started by taking a part the pallets and removing all nails and other material.

Step 2: Cut a Prepare Pieces for Assemble

First I planned all the pieces (you could also sand pieces) and got ready to cut to size.

I cut the pieces for the box first (2x11)

  1. Cut 2 at 48"
  2. Cut 2 at 45"
  3. cut 4 (2x4) at 11"

Then cut the pieces for the lid

  1. I cut 20 pieces at 48"
  2. I ripped 12 pieces to 3"
  3. I ripped 8 pieces to 1.75"
  4. cut the piano hinge into 8 4" sections
  5. cut a 4 (8") pieces of 2x4 for the arm rest.
  6. also cut 4 (11.5") 2x4

Then I cut the pieces for the canopy

  1. For the pillars I cut them 6`, but may adjust to desired height.
  2. I cut 6 pieces of 1x4 to 50" for the canopy support
  3. I also used a 1x6 piece of wood for the canopy fronts.
    • I Measured 49" across and made a mark at 24.5"
    • Draw a line from the points and you`ll make a triangle

After I cut all Pieces to size I used a router and a 1/4 round over bit and rounded all edges.

Now the pieces are ready for assembly

Step 3: Assemble Sand Box

I first assembled the sand box

I used a 11" 2x4 in the corners and screw all edges together.

Step 4: Assemble Lid

There are a few steps to assembling the lid. the best way to do this is to lay out the pieces in the order they will go on. They will be laid out in 6 sections. Each section is made of 2 (1x3) with 1 (1x1.75) In between. A total of 18 pieces.

Section 1 and 6

  • the first section is screwed onto the edge of the box

Section 2 and 5

  • First lay the pieces on a table all together and attach the 8" 2x4 2" in from the edge on both sides.
  • Next lay the section on the box right against section 1.
  • Use the piano hinge and attach it to both section 1 and section 2 4" from the edge
  • Make sure it opens all the way flat on top of section 1.

Section 3 and 4

  • First lay out section on a table and screw the 11.5" 2x4 to the section in the corners
  • Next clamp section 3 to section 2 and 1 with a 1/2" gap in between section 3 and 2.
  • Place the piano hinge next to the 8" 2x4 (arm rest) and screw into place.

Now the first half of the box should have a lid. Repeat steps for sections 4,5, and 6.

Once they`re all attached and open and close. Use the 2 last 1x3 pieces and attach them to the top of the bench.

Now your box is done and has a lid. You can stop here if you would like too. If you like challenges keep going.

Step 5: Adding Canopy

Again this is done with a few steps.

The Canopy Pillars

  • I used scrap 1x4 to space the pillars from the box
  • Use screws and attach pillars to box.
  • Make sure level

Canopy front and back

  • I used the triangle piece and screwed it onto the front and back

Canopy supports

  • Using the 6 pieces of 1x4 I screwed them onto the triangle to have something for the canopy to be stapled to.
  • You could use more the 6. I thought this would be enough.

Canopy Fabric

  • Cut the canopy fabric so it lays over the edges a little.
  • Staple into 1x4 to keep in place.

Step 6: Liner and Sand

1. Locate where desired
2. Attach Weed blocker with stapler to the sides of the box
3. Add sand


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3 years ago

Looks great. Simple lever technic which seems very useful. Will definitely build one for the kids