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Introduction: Sand Castle

About: I'm just making some ideas to become real.

I am a teacher.
All the kids like stories!!! I like to tell stories to them, but whit a scenario this becomes more real. Once  again I needed to build something for telling a story about a poor Ogre...

So I made this Castle whit simply materials...


You can do your own too.
Surprise your kids ! Tell stories!
Their imagination will go far far away...

So let's pump it!

                                                                                                   Kisses from Brazilllll

p.s I dont have all the pics, because I didn't mind to post someday here on Instructables. It was a personal job project. ..           But I think you can understand how I made it.         If you have any question, please, ask me ! (>' ; '<)

Step 1: What You Need Is:

  • - Paperboard
  • - Sand
  • - Pigment blue, yellow or brown and green. (can be that for cooking)
  • - Blue paint (for the water)
  • - Red paint ( for the roof of the towers)
  • - Brown paint (for the door)
  • - a piece of red cloth to the floor
  • - Sawdust ( the grass)
  • - 2 cans of potatos ( for the towers)

  • - Glue
  • - a cardboard curter - would be very helpful
  • - scissors
  • - pen
  • - etc...

Step 2: 1..

  1. - take the cardboard and open it like the first picture!
  2. - then draw the door and the roof so like the second pic, and cut it  ;)

Step 3: Making the Sand Colorful

  1. - pick up fine sand, take out big pieces of stones , wood etc... it need to be very fine.
  2. - drop the pigments and let to dry.

Step 4: Making the Walls

  1. -glue on cardboard and put the yellow-brown sand
  2. - on the front, cut some pieces of cardboard to do the "stones" around the door.

Step 5: The Stones Are Blue!

  • - so, put glue and sand on the pieces that are the stones

Step 6: The Towers

  1. - take the potatos can, and cut a piece to be the window.
  2. - make a cone of cardboard and paint it red, it will be the roof ;)
  3. - then glue again and more blue sand on .

Step 7: The Ground

  1. - cut a big peace of cardboard!
  2. - paint it in blue (water)
  3. - use now, for the grass , sawdust whit green pigment.

Step 8: Last

  1. put the castle on the top!
  2. paint the sticks in brown and glue all on the door, it will be seem like wood ; )
  3. Look for some characters , my chosen was a poor ogre , who lived alone in a nice castle...

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    So much work and it's all worth while cos it turned out fab !!

    This is lovely! Your kids are lucky that you extend their imagination:)