Sand Trap ( Minecraft )

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Intro: Sand Trap ( Minecraft )

Step 1:

Make two stacks out 3 wool each

Step 2:

Put a diamond ( or anything valuable ) on the left side then put one on the right of the one you just put

Step 3:

Then delete the one you put on the left stack for there's just one in the middle

Step 4:

Put two blocks of sand on top of the diamond block

Step 5:

Cover the sand with wool or any other kind of block

Step 6:

When someone goes to get the diamond

Step 7:

The sand will fall on them !!!!!



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I know my. Friend fell for it lol

    wezils tuts

    4 years ago

    Only the most massive noob in history would fall for that.