Sand Trap





Introduction: Sand Trap

Step 1: Base

4x4 square with a door

Step 2:

Repeat step 1 twice

Step 3:

Place block in opposite corner than door

Step 4:

Remove back block that dimond on

Step 5:

Stack signs like this

Step 6:

Add signs to top

Step 7:

Stack up 2 layers on sand

Step 8:

Looks like this on inside

Step 9:

Cover it up

Step 10:

Let them break dimond and watch them suffer hahahahaha



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    8 Discussions

    Diamond... It's mine! Uh-oh.

    I checked out your profile nice ideas

    I'm sorry if you uploaded this too

    I'm sorry I found this sand and sign trap on you tube and added my own touch

    i made that instuctable first!

    hey you friggin copied me! heres proof!

    13, 1:17 PM.jpg13, 1:17 PM.jpg