SandStorm's Yummy Chicken Taco Recipe

Introduction: SandStorm's Yummy Chicken Taco Recipe

(can also be vegetarian without the chicken)

1 Cooked Rotisserie Chicken or Fresh cut chicken breast
1 Red Onion (chopped)
1 Fresh Plum Tomato (chopped)
1 Half cup of Sweet 'n Hot Red Peppers
1 Tsp Basil
1 Tsp Oregano
1 1/2 Tsp Chicken Seasoning or Goya Veg. Seasoning
1 Tblsp Olive Oil
1 Tblsp Honey
1/4 cup chopped Cilantro
1 Package of Corn Tortillas
1 head of lettuce
1 Avocado

1 Jar of Medium or Mild Salsa*
1 Half can of crushed Pineapple*
1 Half can of cut Papaya*
1 Lemon or Lime

*Salsa can be either Hot-Mild depending on taste. Pineapple can also be substituted for Papaya for desired level of sweetness. Fresh payapa is recommended if added.

Prepare the Salsa with the crushed Pineapple or Papaya into a large Bowl and put in the fridge. Chop the Red Onion and Plum Tomato into a Bowl. Next, Add the Sweet n Hot Red Peppers, Basil, Oregano and Olive Oil. Stir and Set aside and cover to stay warm. Next, chop the Cilantro and set aside. Chop the Chicken into onto a pan heated with olive oil on low-med setting and cook until slightly crispy and golden brown. Add the Bowl of chopped Onion, Honey, Tomato and Red Pepper mix and stir together for 5-10min depending on desired heat setting. Let sit for another 5 minutes on low heat and then remove. Place into another container and set aside to cool.

Next remove salsa from fridge to set at room temp. Then pre-heat Pan heated with olive oil for 5 minutes and place Corn Tortillas into the pan on medium setting. Be sure to cover both sides with oil and continue to turn them until slightly brown and crispy. Season with Chicken or Goya Veg. seasoning. Remove from heat and place onto a paper towel to cool. Estimated cooking time: 8-12minutes.

Prepare a large plate for the tortillas and then add the chicken, salsa and cilantro, lettuce, avocado. Add a cut lemon or lime, Eat and Enjoy! Serving size: 8-10 Tacos.

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