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Introduction: Sandals Insoles Restoration

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If you're like me, you hate to buy new shoes, you have trouble finding decent shoes, you really love your old shoes.... this is your Instructable!

I have a pair of sandals I love, but every time I wear them for too long my feet hurt due to the wear and tear of the insole. Before spending money buying new sandals that will hurt as well... I wanted to try to restore them. And I managed to do it!


- Eva Foam

- Glue


- Scissors

- Pen

Step 1: Preparing the Foam

Take your poor old shoes and a piece of foam. Put the shoe on the foam and trace the shoe. Do the same with the other shoe.

Once you have the shoes silhouette cut them and place them on the sandal to know if they fit. If not, cut them until they fit perfectly.

Step 2: Gluing the Foam

Once you have the foam insole ready, glue it onto the shoe. Press it until the glue dries.


Step 3: New Sandals!

And ready to go! I'm very surprised of the result because they become very comfortably and they will live some more time :) Now I can walk hours with them without hurt!

I'm very proud of this trick, I think I will repeated in some more shoes!



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I relined my favorite Eddie Bauer sandals with adhesive back cork. I bought the product at Joann Fabric in the craft section sold in rolls. Trace your lining on the back, cut to fit, peel off the backing a little at the toe, align and peel off the rest as you be sure to smooth it down. Great feeling, natural material footbed!

Love the idea but what is Eva foam? and where do I get it?

Also at kind of glue?

Thank you!

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Eva foam is a kind of foam for craft purposes. You can find foam "sheets" ( You can get them in most craft shops I guess. If not, you can buy them on the internet (aliexpress, ebay, amazon, etc).

About the glue, any kind of contact glue will work. You can also use hot glue (but in this case you need to work fast).

You're welcome! If you restore your sandals please, upload a picture, I would love to see the result :)

This is a great hack - thank you! I have several pairs that the sole is just too hard that I'm going to try this on.

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Thanks! Glad you like it :) I couldn't wear my sandals because they hurt my feet and with this I can walk a lot without pain so, sure this will work for yours :) Thanks for the comment!

I have a pair of flip flops I could use this in. They are more sturdy flip flops so they can be worn a few seasons, but the cheap insole fabric wears, tears and rolls with the first few weeks. I like them so I bought several pairs. I'm going to try this idea both on torn as well as brand new. Maybe I can prevent that from happening altogether. Thank you for posting.