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Introduction: Sandie the Snail - Felt Brooch Tutorial

Happy Easter! With the long weekend ahead, I hope you'll find the time to do Sandie - The Snail. I wanted to decorate this cane bag I bought from Bali and when I saw Nigel's school snail project, I just had to use his snail as a template. Here's Sandie...

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Step 1: Go to My Blog to Download Template.

Visit my blog. Download the template. Here are the things you'll need :

Coloured Felt pieces of your choice
Buttons for eyes
Yarn & Crochet needle
Flower parts for antannae (Optional)
Embroidery Floss
Some Polyfyber for stuffing

Step 2: The Template

You can right-click and save the template here too. Or go to my blog at the link given in step 1. Notice that I've given a blanket stitch guide to sew the top pieces together.

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces

Roughly cut around the individual templates out and pin to felt pieces. Remember the body needs a 2-ply. See picture. I used different coloured felt for the three remaining circles.

Step 4: Ready Cut & Ready to Assemble!

Stack 1 body part and the circles as shown. Put aside the other body piece for later use.

Step 5: Sewing and Crocheting the Pieces Together

Follow steps 5-10. With embroidery floss, blanket stitch 1 body part to the 3 circles (Use a contrasting colour). Making sure the stitches are wide enough to accommodate at least 3-4 crochet stitches. Refer to the template for the blanket stitch guide - make sure you have the edges of the felt sewn to the main body. The crochet stitches can start on the outer ring. Slowly work around the anchored blanket stitches. If you don't know how to crochet, beading is a good option too. Or just leave it at cute little blanket stitches. Hide all loose yarn by tugging them underneath the circles.

Step 6: Stuffing!

Blanket stitch the other body part to the main crocheted piece. Leave a small opening and stuff with fiber. Making sure it fills the heads and the body proportionately. Completely finish off with the blanket stitch. I've used the remaining embroidery floss to make the antennae. See the template for the knots. Attach eyes (I used miniature buttons, you can opt to use beads or just a cluster of french knots) Glue or sew to attach to a pin backing.

Step 7: Voila! Meet Sandie the Snail.

Hope you have enjoyed my little instructable. You can even create your own template. The possibilities are endless. As for me...maybe the next one will be cupcakes with little crochet scallops for icing!! Have fun!!

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