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A wonderful summer drink of Spain is Sangria. It's cool, refreshing and you can drink it for hours. It's also very easy to make. This is my rendition, but consider it a guideline you can use come up with your own.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Large pitcher or bucket. You can make this as classy or trashy as you wish.
  • Red wine. I use the cheap stuff.
  • Brandy. Again, I use the cheap stuff.
  • Some clear soda pop like 7-up, Sprite or Sierra Mist.
  • Frozen concentrated fruit punch. Choose whatever flavor you like best. This is where I don't scrimp.
  • Frozen cut fruit, again don't scrimp on this. Get enough to fill your pitcher (or bucket) half way to the top.
  • An Orange if you like.

Step 2: Mix It Up!

Sangria is meant to be served cold and many people add ice to it. DON'T DO IT! It's far better to chill your ingredients. The frozen fruit will keep it cold for quite a while.

Add the frozen fruit to the pitcher, dump the frozen fruit punch on top of it, then cover it all with wine! When the pitcher is nearly full, stir until the frozen fruit punch completely dissolves. Add brandy until the concoction tastes best to you.

Salud! Chin Chin!

Great at weddings too!



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    You missed the point - you are not supposed to use googled images, you are supposed to use your own, original images. It's in the Terms of Service.

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    A search of the terms of service for the words "photo" and "original" returns no results. A search for the word "image" returned a couple of results, but they aren't in reference to this kind of use. I believe you're mistaken, but if you direct me to the rule you're referring to, I'll shoot another set and edit the ible. Of course it means I'll have to make another batch and once made I'll have to drink it. It's a dog's life sometimes.

    Actually I'll probably delete it and make a new version anyway just to wipe this comment thread.


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    Part 15, section 2.

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    Promotional is not the same as public domain.

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    Worse, though, is the complete lack of evidence to convince your readers that you actually did this - you have entered this in three different contests - without your own, high-quality images, you are severely disadvantaging yourself in those contests.