Santa Bottle Outfits

Introduction: Santa Bottle Outfits

I like to have some gifts on "standy-by" in case I forget about somebody. Most everyone likes wine, liquor, or a festive cordial. But instead of just giving bottles in the typical gift bags, I dressed the packaging up a bit and it turned out really well! It took approximately 15 minutes per bottle and minimal materials.

I materials I used were:

-red and white felt
-white pom poms
-gold or silver ribbon
-electrical tape
-hot glue
-jingle bells

1. Cut red felt to bottle size; hot glue to attach.
2. Cut white felt to bottle size; hot glue to attach.
3, Position electrical tape around 'waist' for belt.
4. Cut silver or gold 'belt buckle'; hot glue to attach.
5, Position pom poms and hot glue to attach.

Take some yarn and tie jingle bells around the neck of the bottle, knot to attach.
Santa hat (shown) is optional, or can be made.

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