Santa's Inverted Outfit Ugly Sweater

Introduction: Santa's Inverted Outfit Ugly Sweater

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Searching the internet for ideas for an ugly sweater was quite easy, but finding that unique idea that deserves a makeover was a problem. so i thought why dont i do an inverse colour of what santas outfit used to be by replacing the red with white and white with red

the materials needed are:

  • sweater
  • lots of pieces of Red Green and White clothe materials
  • some led blinker lights
  • cardboard

the tools are needed are:

  • staple pin
  • scissors
  • super glue

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Step 1: Prepping the Base

laying out a piece of white material i proceeded to staple and glue the parts together. Alternating the red for white and vice versa. made a glove hand and also made yellow buttons insolidarity with our host. I also cut out the cardboard backing for the design. applied some wood glue and glued my santa's image to the base. With the heavy work done it was time for the blinking eyes.

Step 2: Blinkies

This is the tricky part i slavaged these little toys from the protective pack of my phone. they actually get activated by motion just like the once in bicycle valves fancy lights. I am not good with electronics, but a close look showed that the springs were actually the simple sensor trigger used. So i decided to increase the level of sensitivity by extending the springs abit. and it worked out just fine. These lights made use of button batteries and i would be needing alot of them about 3 for each light. so i decided to put in some lithuim ion batteries to sustain the continous flash pending how long a party like this would last. Also it was convenient, cost effective and renewable(slavaged batteries from laptops). Soldering the wires on the terminals of the batteries i tucked it into the cloth, held it in with glue and there you have his eyes, blinking away. Using my stapler i pinned it to my hoodie.

Step 3: Batteries and Final Installation

Attaching the batteries under the woolie beard seemed like the best place since i didnt want wires extending down to my pocket. Using adhesive tape to attach the batteries was quite fast and a pat on the beards all was set to go. Finally i layed it all out on a piece of card board sheet traced out the contours and glued it to the card board as a base then attacthed it using my staple to my hoodie.

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