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in this instructible I will show you how to make a fire starter out of pine tree sap and charcoal

things you will need:

pine tree sap

toilet or paper towel roll

painters tape


and charcoal

Step 1: Find a Contanier

find a container to put the charcoal in

Step 2: Get the Charcoal

get the charcoal or lump wood coal and put it in the container

Step 3: Crush the Coal

crush the charcoal into as much powder you can get the more powdery it is the better it will burn

Step 4: Boil the Sap

boil the sap until its the consistency of syrup but be careful it is very flammable because of the turpentine becoming a mist

Step 5: Mixing

mix the crushed coal with the sap while its boiling but be careful it is very flammable

Step 6: Mix the Coal and Sap

mix the coal and sap until it is thoroughly blended and to make sure the mix is good you can take a sample and light it on fire and see how long it burns


be careful because it is very flammable because the sap is filled with turpentine

Step 8: Make the Roll

once the mix is done quickly get a toilet paper roll and pour it in you have to be quick because as soon as the sap is off the eye it will quickly start to cool, once it is in let it cool for one minute then get a couple of matches and place it in the sap, some paper towel will also do well as a wick

If you make this project please post a picture and show others how you made it, and feel free to expand on this idea I would love to see your ideas, and we can learn from each other and always be safe.

i am not responsible for anything that may happen regarding this project



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    2 years ago

    Great Idea! Thanks for sharing. The sparks you make must be able to burn your collections of kindling, when you utilise the emergency fire starter. Starting a fire has never been easier, with Flint Fire Starter kit. The fire starter is made out of magnesium, which is a flammable and cushioned element. Waterproof Firestarter

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I boiled pine sap. Well anyways, great idea! Can't wait to try it out soon!