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Introduction: Sarsaparilla Float Aka Root Beer Float

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Howdy, in this Instructable I am going to show you how to make sarsaparilla floats!

Out west, cowboys like their sarsaparilla, and boy did they like their sarsaparilla floats.  Sarsaparilla is a drink similar to root beer, but if you want to sound western, why not say sarsaparilla!  Ice cream and root beer may not sound like they go together well, but you will never know until you try your own float!

So I made sarsaparilla floats for twenty people on vacation last week. We were having a cowboy themed night, and what better dessert can be served other than the terrific sarsaparilla float!

You will need...

- Vanilla Ice cream
- Root Beer (Sarsaparilla)
- Cup to serve it in
- A straw

Scoop ice cream into the cup until it is about halfway filled.  Now pour root beer in until bubbles reach the top of your cup.  Put a straw in the cup and the sarsaparilla float is ready to serve!

You should make this because....

- It is a quick and easy dessert/ snack.
- It requires few ingredients.
- It is delicious!

I hope you enjoy your Sarsaparilla floats!

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    i'll have to try this one day!
    i call these spiders (no idea why!) and i make them with cola instead of root beer (which.i ginger beer)