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This is a bust of my sisters horse Sassy, she had her for over 25 years when she passed away. I made this throw for her in Sassy's memory. I used the suede brown for the head and white for her nose, black suede and fun fur for the mane.



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    This may be odd, but would you consider doing one for me in memory of a, about 6 mos old, filly we had? We didn't even have her for that long either, it's hard to tell how attached you are until you loose it (something that would has gotten us scoffed at by several people, including our neighbors, who themselves have gotten attached to one of theirs). And if you could how much would you charge? It would be no problem to send a picture, I've got several. We had to put her down, she cut her leg (and the tendons and ligaments in it) on some tin that had been ripped from the barn (how, we're not sure) and we had to put her down, there was no use making her suffer just so we wouldn't loose her. Her name was Sassy's Pearled Angel (it looked like she had a cherub on her side), or Pearl for short. The night we had to put her down we all gathered around her mother apologizing, hugging her, and crying, after Pearl was gone and we got back home from the vets.

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    Here's a couple pics of her, we'd gotten her on Sept 10th and she was 6 mos, and if I could find the video, I'd have the day she left us and better pictures. She's one horse that shouldn't be forgotten. Note: I don't have a picture on the computer of the 'Cherub' on her side, but I do have the praying angel I forgot to mention. The other paint is her mother, Sassy and the brown horse checking her out is Froggy (she has a spot on her side that looks like a frog foot).


    I love this! is this done in single crochet? I have a horse who is 27 and is still going strong. He's like a giant puppy dog.

    Hey if anyone is interested my friend goes on a horse site called check it out it is pretty cool. Anyways I love the knitting or crocheting I hope that your horse is in a nice haven

    I hope "Sassy" lead a very happy and healthy life. I have a horse named "Beefy". He acts like a brat and some people dont like to ride him. But the trick to "Beefy" is not to mind that he's a brat!

    Very nice. I love horses and this is nicely done.

    Wow, the horse was 30 years old. That must be really hard for her to lose such an important animal, because I know what it feels like to lose something very close to family/ part of family, and it's not good. I know that Sassy will be in all of your hearts forever. :-) Nice job by the way, I like it.