Sat on Your Tablet? Remove the Screen Stain With a Suction Cup.





Introduction: Sat on Your Tablet? Remove the Screen Stain With a Suction Cup.

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So, I sat on my tablet and this nasty oily stain appeared. I google around and didn't find anything useful. I tried massaging it out with little success and I just accepted my screen was damaged. Until Instructables user joshatron9695 told me in my cd spindle tablet stand tutorial that it was possible to remove the stain with a suction cup. I tried it and it worked miraculously. So to help others find this method a bit more easily I'm creating this Instructable with a little video.

 What you'll need:
  • A tablet (or phone) with a damaged screen
  • A decent suction cup (can be from a car-window phone holder)
Now just watch the video or follow these instructions:
  1. Now what you'll want to do it first clean the suction cup to be sure it won't damage your screen.
  2. Second, put the suction cup on your screen just outside of the stain.
  3. Gently pull on the suction cup and you should see the stain shrink.
  4. Don't get too hasty now! Just remove the suction cup again and place is a bit closer to the stain again.
  5. Gently pull again.
  6. Repeat until the stain is gone.
  7. Congratulations, your screen is perfect again!

Note: In hindsight I did find a few website detailing this procedure, strange that I didn't see them the first time around:



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    5 months ago

    dont have a suction cup handy with me at the moment, but i will definetely try this, my tain is bigger than most though, i was in social studies, and i sat in the desk all period and at the end of it (it was the first period of the day) the entire screen, almost 3/4 of it was "stained" so im not sure whats normal for stains and whats not, but i can still interact with the stained portion, it just takes some fiddling with, and at most signs of over average pressure, theres green striations that appear on the lower left portion of the screen, i just hope this will work with a samsung phone, but, wish me luck :)

    First discovery

    I have this stain on my tablet that arrived today (I received it with the stain). I can ofcourse send it back, but that will cost me shipping to China and I have to wait for a decent amount of weeks before I have a new tablet. So, I tried your approach and it did make the stain go away, thanks for that! My question is, can the stain easily come back, so that I have to send my tablet back to China anyway, or will it stay away? I noticed a tiny spot where the stain seems to be wanting to come back when i press it with a bit of pressure.

    1 reply

    If you can get out the stain, great! I caused this stain by sitting on it, so it might still happen to you if you'd do something like that. But it can happen even if you get a new unit from china. Only thing you have to be careful for is that your package seems to have been mishandles during transport (how else could the stain be there?) so make sure everything else is fine.

    Holy balls that actually worked! I was moments away from buying a new phone!

    Hi Man, you save my brand new Pipo m7pro 3g tablet !!!!! Thank you!!!

    That is so incredibly easy! Thanks for the tip - and for the video showing exactly how it's done. Nice!

    I will just add that dollar stores are a good place to get cheap suction cups. They usually have several different sizes.

    What a nifty idea! I'm so glad joshatron9695 was happy to share that with you and thank YOU for sharing.