Saturday Bracelet




Introduction: Saturday Bracelet

- Assorted glass beads (we used 48 grams of Indian Chevron Mix, approx. 64 beads) Or try our new Sankofa trade beads from Ghana!
- 2 yards waxed linen
- 1 long bone bead
- 26 metal spacer beads
- 1 crimp bead, #4 size

- Scissors
- Chain nose pliers

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Step 1: Thread Bone Clasp

Thread the bone bead onto the linen and center the bead on the cord. Tie an overhand knot on one side of the bead and then turn the bead over to tie a second knot on the other side.

Step 2: Thread Beads Onto the Linen

Thread a bead onto one strand of linen. Tie an overhand knot. Thread a bead onto one end of the linen 'opposite' the first bead as shown. Knot and continue in this way down the strand until you achieve the desired length.

Step 3: Create Metal Side of Clasp

Thread both strands of linen through the crimp and then through the metal spacer beads. Thread the linen back through the crimp and pull tightly. Check to make sure the spacer bead loop fits around the long bone bead and adjust if necessary. Flatten crimp with pliers. You may tie beads onto the excess linen to create dangles if you wish. Knot and trim excess linen cording.

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