Sausage, Peppers, Onions and Tomato Sauce W/pasta




Introduction: Sausage, Peppers, Onions and Tomato Sauce W/pasta

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I intended to do an instructable on a sausage sandwich but as it got time to eat, company arrived, so I cooked up some pasta and made a mini "ible" inside the main one., Pretty much everything is the same except in the end I sliced up the sausage and served it with pasta instead of in a roll

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Step 1: Lets Get Started

Your going to need the following ingredients.
 Hot italian sausage links or sausage of your choice
 Green pepper
 Poasted red peppers
 tomato sauce, the cans shown were 10 for $5us but use what you like
a crock pot or slow cooker
 hot pepper flakes
 chopped garlic
  Italian seasoning
  salt and pepper

Step 2: Chop and Drop

Slice the pepper and onion into strips and drop into the crockpot, add the spices of your choice ( sorry I don't measure) dump in the tomato sauce of your choice and turn the crockpot up to high.
 I used a  pic from another "ible" for the peppers and onions so just ignore the jalapenos

Step 3: Sizzle and Pop

Get a frying pan nice and hot and lay down the sausage, we're not going to completely cook them, just get a nice brown on the outside

Step 4: Ready, Set, WAIT

put the now nicely browned sausage links in the crockpot, reduce the heat to low and let it cook, and cook, and cook without a lid. Stir the mix occasionally and as the sauce reduces scrape down the sides. DON'T throw the scrappings away!! There's a ton of flavor in the concentration, just add it back to the sauce !
 I let it cook about 14hours with a break in the refrigerator while I slept (Im ex fire/rescue so I don't leave anything on when I go to bed)
 I was intending to have sausage sandwichs but my daughter and son in law showed up at dinner time so I cooked up some pasta to make it stretch

Step 5: Mini "ible" Cooking Pasta

 I go by the adage that to much water is never enough when it comes to pasta so I filled a large pot with water and brought it to a boil.  Every cooking show tells you to "season" the pasta water before cooking but all they do is add SALT ! !  I add salt, garlic and if I hadn't used up my supply in the sauce, italian seasonings. Put the pasta of choice in the boiling water and cook till it reaches your preferred doneness.    OOOPS.. I forgot to get pics of the pasta cooking and draining !

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

 Ok, time to plate it all up and serve. Place a portion of your liking on a plate, cover with the sausage and sauce and add grated cheese, grab a fork and enjoy...

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    3 years ago

    seens really bad. the looking of the food is bad